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How to Choose Tires for Your Car

The question of how to choose tires for your car often bothers not only the novice drivers but experienced ones too. The world does not stand still. And that concerns the sphere of tire production as well. Every year, tire manufacturers expand their model lines, improve the rubber composition of existing models and apply smart technologies, performance, and other characteristics to their products.

They do this to stay ahead of their competition and as a result for us drivers, our choices are constantly growing. How to avoid getting lost in the huge variety of tires available? It is important to choose tires that are not only right for your car but also the ones that are affordable to our pocket.

Here are some basic tips you need to keep in mind when choosing tires:

1. Tire Size

One of the most important indicators taken into account when choosing a tire is its size. It is very important to choose the tire size that suits your car. Installing a tire not appropriate for your car in size can significantly weaken the performance characteristics of your vehicle. This can lead to a reduction in fuel economy or even mechanical problems down the road.

In recent years, it became a trend to install low-profile tires with a larger rim diameter. Undoubtedly, it looks cool, but it is not very practical and can significantly reduce the life of your tire. Remember that tires cannot be restored. Therefore, you should only go this route if you have the extra money to spend. But if you want to use your tires longer and without compromising your ride quality, choose wheel and tire size recommended by your car manufacturer.

2. Tire Brand

Which tire brand is the best one to go with? Numerous advertisements from the worlds tire manufacturers are all around us. This makes us ignore the less known vendors whose production quality is sometimes just as good, if not better. If it’s hard for you to decide, competent publications that often publish tire tests could be of help.

As a rule, in these tests, different tires are compared and the pros and cons are stated. Even if the tires have a similar tread pattern or rubber composition, some characteristics can only be determined through testing in real life conditions. Do not pay extra just for the brand name. Sometimes more popular manufacturers have less eminent brands with the same characteristics but at a lower price.

To summarize: in order not to waste time studying the market of tire vendors and choose quality tires, focus on the research institutes of safety and testing of authoritative publications. If you choose a budget tire, you can find out more about the manufacturer on local forums.

3. Your Driving

Your driving style is a crucial factor when trying to choose tires that will last longer. Do not take off-road tires if you drive within the city (although this factor, of course, depends on the roads of your city), or vice versa, buy a tire for off-road driving. The wide thread pattern of off-road tires gives them increased performance for cross-country terrain. However, their performance on asphalt is reduced, limiting your controllability and speed.

Tires that have more sporty characteristics will suit those who prefer more aggresive driving. Such tires are better controllable on tight bends. They will be more noisy but low rolling resistance will save fuel during long trips.

4. Weather Climate

An important factor in choosing tires is the weather and climate conditions in which you will drive. Each type of tires has a different composition of rubber mixture, the properties of which depend on the temperature and environmental conditions.

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