Making Money With Your Car

5 Creative Ways of Making Money With Your Car

If you love spending time in your car, you can turn that affection into a side hustle for some extra funds. With the introduction of ridesharing apps and others in a rapidly growing “side gig economy,” there are numerous legitimate ways to make extra cash by using your car.

It’s important to not forget that all these side jobs will add additional miles to your car, along with the associated wear and tear. So remember to include that in your decision on what opportunities to go for when calculating how much you’ll earn. Keep records of the mileage you drive since you can deduct it as a business expense.

Here are five creative ways to make money with your car:

1. Deliver Food

Delivering food is now a thing with introductions of UberEATS and DoorDash. Not everyone wants to drive people around for Uber, or drive very far. If you fall into this category then maybe you will instead prefer to deliver food. This is a good option for those who don’t have a car all the time since you can use your scooter or bicycle to deliver food.

Our take: This is perfect for those who considered driving for Uber but decided they don’t want to deal with people.

2. Personal Driver or Guide for Tourists

Do you live in a location that’s popular with tourists? Why not take advantage of this and create an ad on Craigslist offering your services as a personal driver. For example, when a family visits a city for the weekend, may need assistance being driven to and from the airport, get around the city, and a reliable person to show them around and tell them about the city’s hidden gems.

Our take: This is freelancing at it’s best. You can help people out while earning money at the same time. It doesn’t always make sense for people to rent a car in an unfamiliar city because they don’t know where to go, and getting Uber all the time can quickly add up.

3. Rent Your Parking Spot

When you’re at your job, working and making money, you could have a piece of prime real estate in the form of parking, sitting unused at your home. For those living near a beach, can easily rent their parking space for a couple of hours or for the whole day. Visit JustPark or MoneyParking to get started.

Our take: This is a good option to make some money for those who live in a crowded city like San Fransisco or New York, or live near a sports stadium. Just make sure your prices are competitive and that you’re selling a spot you actually own like your driveway.

4. Carpool

Save money on gas by carpooling with other to and from work. There’s no point for each person to pay for gas and be stuck in the slow lanes if you guys are going in the same direction.

Our take: This method comes with the downside of having to pick people up, but it’s a good way to cover your gas expenses (and more). Carpool with a few coworkers and offer a deal that’s better than Uber to increase your earnings.  

5. Haul Stuff

If you don’t mind lifting heaving objects and own a truck, you can haul away people’s stuff by joining Task Rabbit. This could mean helping them move or just haul a few things down to the dump for them. Moving and Hauling the is the most popular category and it’s easy to become a Tasker. You set your own schedule and only pick the tasks you want to do based on your rate.

Our take: This won’t work for everyone, but if it works for you then go for it. You need to be able to lift and carry heavy items and drive a truck or a van. So if you qualify for all of those points and have some free time, you can make some decent money.

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